Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is TOSOT?

TOSOT stands for Technology, Outstanding, Style, Originality and Trust. TOSOT is an International brand manufactured by Gree Electric Appliances of Zhuhai China. TOSOT is not an OEM products or a subsystem of which other company uses.

TOSOT caters both residential and commercial air conditioners, Products ranging from Window type, Wall mounted, Floor ceiling, Floor Standing, Cassette Type, Ducted Type, Super Free Match, TMV5, Screw Chiller, Scroll Chiller and Centrifugal Chiller.

  1. TOSOT products uses eco-friendly refrigerant?

Yes. As a premium brand, TOSOT products are made using the latest technology. These products are using R-32 and R-410A Refrigerants in all air-conditioning units. These special refrigerants do not contribute to ozone depletion and has less impact on global warming, thus, these are environment-friendly products. The products are also equipped with the latest inverter technology that saves up to 40% energy compared with traditional models for energy efficiency.

  1. Where can you buy TOSOT air conditioners?

You can buy directly in our showroom located at #2162 FB Harrison ST., San Jose Pasay City or in Lazada Philippines ( or through our accredited dealers nationwide.  You can also contact us directly via our sales office (+632) 833-0000 or by send an e-mail to us at

  1. How long is the warranty period of TOSOT unit?

TOSOT products ranging from Residential and Commercial: Warranty period from date of purchase is 5 years on Compressor and 1 year on Part/s.

  1. Where can you find the Model code and Serial number?

For the indoor unit, the model and serial number can be found on a sticker label located on the right side when facing the unit. For the outdoor unit, it is located either inside the unit or in the box.

  1. How do you choose the correct Unit Capacity / Btu size in your room?

There are numerous factors to consider of sizing a unit, such as location, room insulation, how many people will be using the room, size and location of windows.

Right Size of Air Conditioner for your Room reference.
(BTU’s Calculation)

Square FeetBTU’s
0 - 1505,000
150 – 2006,000
200 – 2507,000
250 – 3008,000
300 – 35010,000
350 – 40012,000
400 – 45014,000
450 – 50015,000
500 – 60018,000
600 – 70020,000
700 – 80022,000
800 – 90025,000

The above BTU’s figure are estimates based on the average room (2 windows, 1 door and 8 foot ceiling). Other variables will have to be taken into consideration when figuring BTU sizes such as Kitchens, High Ceilings, Sky Lights, Large Windows, Use of Room, and Occupants.

It may be helpful to ask our Authorized Service Center or contact us directly via our sales office (+632) 833-0000 or by send an e-mail to us at

  1. If you bought TOSOT air conditioner, who can do the installation?

Any of our Authorized Service Center nearby in your area can do it or you can also contact us directly via our sales office (+632) 833-0000 or by send an e-mail to us at because we have in-house installer to do it for you.

  1. If your TOSOT air conditioner does not turn on? What will you do?

Make sure the air conditioner is switched on and the plug is pushed completely into the outlet. You may also check the fuse / circuit breaker box and replace the fuse or reset the breaker.

If a problem still exists, disconnect power and contact our Authorized Service Center nearby in your area or you can contact us directly via our sales office (+632) 833-0000 or by send an e-mail to us at to assist you.

  1. TOSOT air conditioner does not cool. Possible reasons?

There are some common cause why air conditioner unit does not cool. Firstly, the capacity of your unit is not correct for the desired area. Make sure that there are no curtains, blinds or any furniture blocking the air from the unit. Lastly, the air filter is dirty, make sure to clean the filter at least once every 2 weeks.

  1. What causes Ice to build up in an air conditioner?

One of the main problem in air conditioner is ice build-up in the evaporator which caused by a numerous factors. Units that have not been well maintained of cleaning over a long period of time may have coils and fins clogged by dust, dirt or debris. Clogged coils and fins restrict air flow through the unit, which can cause the compressor to work even harder that it may reduce the coil temperature below the normal range in an attempt to make up for the lost cooling power from the blocked coils. It may be helpful to ask an authorized service to check the unit for you.

  1. How much is the cost of TOSOT unit repair?

Cost will vary depending on the cause of damage on your unit. This will also be subject to the cost of the replacement part/s, if needed.

  1. What if TOSOT air conditioner is not working?

Firstly, check that it is plugged in. Secondly, check the fuses or circuit breakers. If air conditioner is still not working, you can ask of service to our Authorized Service Center or contact us directly via our sales office (+632) 833-0000 or by send an e-mail to us at

  1. Why do you need to change filter regularly?

Regular filter replacement helps your heating and cooling system operate at peak levels and improves indoor air quality. It is important to change filters regularly to ensure proper air flow and to keep your home free from dust, allergens and germs. Depending on the type of filter you have, you may require weekly or monthly filter replacements.

  1. Why Tosot A/C leaking water inside?

Most likely have some sort of blockage within the drain line of your unit, also known as the condensate line. If the drain line is clogged with debris it can cause water to back up and leak. Another common cause of water leakage is a damaged or rusted drain pan. The drain pan catches any condensation from the A/C unit. In particularly hot months, the pan can overflow, which is normal. The best way to remedy this situation is to have an HVAC professional use a special vacuum to remove the blockage.

If the problem still exist, you can ask of service to our Authorized Service Center or contact us directly via our sales office (+632) 833-0000 or by send an e-mail to us at

  1. Why Tosot air conditioner blowing hot air?

If your Tosot air conditioner is blowing hot air, this most likely means that there is a problem with the outside unit (compressor) or the unit is low on refrigerant.

If you have eliminated problems with refrigerant levels, you could be facing an electrical failure or problem with the compressor. Without a working compressor, your A/C unit will fail to operate properly. We highly recommend to consult with one of our professionals HVAC Technician to check your unit. Your compressor or possibly the entire unit.

Other causes of the unit blowing hot air? The thermostat could be set incorrectly. It might seem obvious, but occasionally you may forget to adjust your thermostat or a curious kid could have pressed a few buttons.

  1. Does the outdoor unit need to be serviced?

The outdoor unit needs to be cleaned at least once a year to make sure the air circulation through the unit is not blocked. Poor air circulation can affect cooling and heating efficiency, compressor life, and energy consumption.

  1. How do you prevent TOSOT air conditioner from breaking down?

A simple way of proper maintenance is very essential.  Always have to check your air conditioner to avoid any leaks or noise. It is advised to have your air conditioner undergo preventive maintenance twice a year.

  1. Does TOSOT Philippines Corp. provide after Sales support?

TOSOT Philippines Corp. (TPC) Management will give you an assurance in providing customers with effective and efficient after sales service support, including readily available spare parts and units for fast delivery.