There are many reasons why people are concerned about the quality of air in their homes, one reason is health related. Poor air quality can cause chronic health issues. As the saying goes “Innovation is the soul of enterprise, Core technologies are vital to substantial development...” and that’s the reason why TOSOT is here.

TOSOT brand was first introduced in 2003, and distributed globally in China, Ukraine, Jordan, Iraq, Russia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Austria, The Republic of Tajikistan, Denmark, Hong Kong, Angola, Israel, Turkey, and formally introduced in the Philippines in 2015

TOSOT integrating R&D, manufacturing, marketing and services, which focus on quality assurance, technology innovation and product design.

TOSOT Air conditioners delivers a unique, innovative and powerful cooling system. TOSOT Philippines Corporation (TPC) entered the Philippine market with air conditioners, and soon with home appliances. TOSOT is aiming to provide high quality products for every Filipino family with affordable prices suitable for both modern family homes and various industries for their business needs. TOSOT is for every Filipino family. Ideal not just for modern homes but we are determined to bring innovation to industries in every business needs.

As a premium brand, TOSOT products are made using modern technology that has high energy efficiency, eco-friendly refrigerant and unique stylish design- these qualities are the heart and soul of TOSOT Lifestyle.

TOSOT Products are fully equipped with the latest technology, which can lower electricity bill and very much friendly to our environment. These products are using R-32 and R-410A Refrigerants in all air-conditioning units. These special refrigerants do not contribute to ozone depletion and has less impact on global warming, thus, these are environment-friendly products.

Innovative technology with a harmonious blend of sustainability, energy efficiency and stylish design - these qualities are at the heart of the Tosot Lifestyle, each Tosot product imparts in everyday living of its clients.